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Electrical Panel Boxes

Voted #1 South Jersey ElectricianThe electrical panel boxes or the circuit breakers are the heart of the whole electrical system in your home or commercial property. They determine the amount of power flowing through the circuits which will then feed all your electrical appliances, lights, and outlets.

If your home is more than 10 years old and you still have no circuit breaker, then you really need an upgrade for safety reasons. Older houses are designed to accommodate only 50 or 60 amps that run through a small number of circuits.

New Electrical Panel or Circuit Breaker Boxes

Is it time to upgrade?

Warnings You May Need a New Panel Box:
1. Rust
2. Intermittent Loss of Power to Certain Outlets, Lights, or Appliances
3. Circuit Breakers Tripping for No Apparent Reason
electrical panel boxes

Does your electric panel box look like a pot of spaghetti? It shouldn’t. It should look like this one.

CoBalt Electric will send out our best electrical technicians to determine what needs to be upgraded to keep your family safe.  Our electricians are licensed and know what is needed and required for your home’s electrical usage.

While the capacity of your home stagnated, the volume load has increased due to all the cell phones that needed charging, washer and dryer, the TV and cable, microwave, water heater, personal computers and other gadgets.

If you have any doubt your panel box is safe, Don’t Get a Jolt!…Call Cobalt!

Call an Experienced Electrician Near You in South Jersey

Consider yourself lucky if you manage to spot the red flags before a tragedy occurs. Sometimes, faulty wiring will not exhibit symptoms, and even catch fire while everybody is already sleeping.

What CoBalt Electric will do when you call us:

  • Examine the total load of your property
  • Determine the right electrical panel boxes that can handle the circuitry
  • Upgrade your wiring that is already damaged or too thin to handle the extra load
  • Replace the old receptacles that are already obsolete

Once we have upgraded your electrical panel, we’ll label it and organize it for you.  Here is an article on color coding your circuit breaker box, click here.

Protect your family from danger and upgrade your electrical panel boxes now. The more time you wait, the more danger you are exposing them to. Call CoBalt Electric so we can deploy our best electricians to your location immediately. Our hotline is open 24/7 and we always respond quickly to emergency calls.

Learn more about how circuit breakers work in this helpful article CLICK HERE.


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Did you know it’s not uncommon for water to seep into your circuit breaker panel box?

Have you noticed your circuit breakers tripping, your lights flickering, or rust in panel box around your home? If you’ve seen any of these, it’s possible you need a new electrical panel box and new circuit breakers.

Inspect Your Electric Panel Box

When is the last time you look a peek inside your circuit breaker box? If you live in an older home in Camden County, Burlington County, Gloucester County, or other areas around South Jersey, you may be susceptible to water seepage which could cause corrosion in your panel box and in the circuit breakers . That’s because in decades past, it wasn’t unusual for the electricians hired by builders to do a sloppy job of installing electric meters and their in homes, leaving them with space for moisture to creep in and run down into your panel box.

Rain seeping in through these spaces poses the most significant threat, but it’s certainly not the only source of moisture that can cause problems. There could be condensation buildup, caused by too much humidity inside your home. If there’s a cold-water pipe near the panel box, water could drip down from that. Moisture could also creep in through concrete, masonry, or stone, especially in a basement area.

Water and Electricity Are Not a Safe Combination

It’s not difficult for the untrained eye to identify moisture or corrosion on screws, connections, or the housing which makes up the panel box cabinet. It’s not something the typical homeowner pays much attention to until one day the lights or appliances start acting strangely or a circuit breaker flips. Even then, you may not notice the corrosion or moisture if you’re only focused on figuring out which one of those black switches is flipped over to the other side.

Please take a look at the for signs of water, rust, or corrosion and if you see any, contact Cobalt Electric immediately.
When the problem reaches this point, it can get really dangerous. Corrosion causes problems with the connection between service cable wires and branch circuit wires, and can potentially ignite a fire. If you were to open the panel box, you could be putting yourself at risk of shock or electrocution.

You may first become aware of a potential problem if you notice your circuit breakers tripping or lights flickering. Even worse, water-damaged circuit breakers may not trip at all, leading to electrical overload, overheating, and electrical arc flashes, which can cause serious burns. If you go to check the electrical panel, you may notice rust in panel box or around it. If you see this, it’s vital that you call us immediately at 856-701-0098

We are licensed electricians and are qualified and equipped to handle electrical panel problems like this. Most importantly, we’ll have the proper safety equipment, including glasses, rubber-insulating gloves, and special footwear and clothing to keep them safe from shocks and burns. We’re also knowledgeable enough to locate the source of any water that may be leaking into your panel box, and can either repair or replace the panel box and all the circuit breakers. Newer circuit breakers are designed to automatically turn off if dangerous currents are detected, which means you’ll be safe going forward.

If you need an electrical contractor you can trust, call Cobalt Electric today. They have been serving all of South Jersey for three decades and are fully equipped to handle problems like rust in electrical panel boxes. Give them a call at (856) 701-0098 to set up your appointment.